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Help Me with JumbleFace Secrets Revealed!

Note - This help section describes many features that are in JumbleFace version 2, which is a free upgrade, and now available in the Apple App Store!

When you first start JumbleFace the Play page appears, as you see here.

All you need to do is to tap a facial feature (mouth, eye, hair, etc.) to change it. You may change each feature one by one as often as you want.

You may randomly shuffle all the features by tapping on the shuffle icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you want to back up, simply tap the Undo button to Undo your moves, step by step. You may even undo shuffles!

You will want to share your creations which is very easy to do with the Share button. All the share options that you have enabled on your iOS device will be at your disposal, such as Mail, Messages, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. Share away!

Settings are easily accessable by tapping on the wrench. There you may turn the sound on or off, and you can change the game play to be symetrical, which simply means the eyes and ears will match automatically... or not, if you prefer. 

What about this button? This is how you switch between Classic and Photos collections in Version 2!




Enjoy JumbleFace!



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